Global Specification Control

Standardise your clause content around the globe.

Maintain Alternative Clauses

Create regional, project, client or custom clauses as alternatives that integrate with your standard global clause content.

Manage Access Control

Your content is only accessible to members of your oraganisation, or those you invite to view individual project specifications.

Build Specifications Quickly

Specifications are built from a selection tree of your boiler plate content. No more copy/paste errors caused by recycling previous project content.

Automatically Build Specifications

You can configure SpecShaper to automatically select complimentary clauses based on your initial selections.

Review & Verify Documents Quickly

Standard boilerplate content is pre-verfiied by technical groups with approved DOA. Modified content created for a project is highlighted for attention by the project reviewers and verifiers.

Create Technical Committees

Each region can asign Users to Technical Committees. These Users are responsible for the accuracy of the technical content in their region.

Capture Bright Ideas

Users can modify and submit improvements to your specification for consideration and incorporation into standard content.

Create Action Lists

Generate lists of required submissions, observations levels, witnessing attendances, compliance documents and warranties. Use the documentation management system to track progress during the project lifecycle.

Built-in Messaging System

Manage information flow between the specifier, contractor and trades during the project lifecycle.

Cloud Based

Your content is cloud based and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. A local version can be created on your servers if required for sensitive projects.

Application Is In Development

If you have any questions or features that you would like to see incorporated then please contact us.

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