How it works:

SpecShaper has been created to improve the specification creation and tracking process for multinational engineering consultancies in construction projects.

It is an online database and document management system which deconstructs your standard boilerplate specifications into component clauses. These component clauses are then reassembled into template specifications.

Clauses can have regional, project or client variants which can be used to customise specifications for particular applications and locations.

The system has an authorised users list and an approved verifiers list for each organisation and region. These users can be grouped into technical committees who manage the content of the specifications.

Selection trees allow you to quickly assemble boilerplate clause content into working specifications. Standard boilerplate content can be pre-verified by Technical Committees. Custom project specific content is highlighted for review by the project director or discipline verifier.

SpecShaper was written with Building Services disciplines in mind, however it can be applied to any specification documents.

An email management system allows project managers and engineers to issue documents and track the required submissions, observations, witnessing results and warranty information.

The system also allows main contractors to repackage specifications and distribute them to sub-trades. It manages the information flow back to the main contractor and the consultant.

Future planned modules will include integration with Revit part families and the ability to create specifications from equipment schedules.

Why use SpecShaper?

SpecShaper will:

  • Reduce cut/paste errors in your documents.
  • Improve the ability of your engineers to work across borders.
  • Reduce the time required to write specifications.
  • Accellerate the review and verification process.
  • Improve your ability to manage submisssions and documentation flow.
  • Structure your Technical Experts into coordinated teams.
  • Allow your specifications to evolve with the market.