Access Control

SpecShaper provides a framework for managing your specification content and intellectual property.

You are able to manage the security of your IP by setting access control lists.
You can assign people with rights to view your documents and for what purposes.

It is the intent of SpecShaper that your specification shoud only be available to those parties who would normally have access to the documentation under a traditional paper based project delivery system.

Domain IP Access Control

Your content will only be accessible to users whose current logged in IP address matches your pre-approved IP lists.

With this setting Users can only access your content when logged in from one of your organisations networks.

Email Access Control

Users will only be able to register with your organisation and view your organisational content if they have registered with a compliant email address.

You define the approved email addresses, and control the user access permissions.

Any request to view your content are forwarded to your regional administrators for authentication.