Your standard specifications can be imported into SpecShaper and deconstructed manually or automatically. Import your current boilerplate specification directly into SpecShaper and begin using it immediately.
The best results are acheived by restucturing your specifications to consolidate any regional content into unique clauses that can be assigned to their own regions. The common generic clauses can then be maintained as global content.

Manage Clause Alternatives

Maintain version control to customise your standard content for different applications:

Alternative clauses can be automatically selected based on the project region and sector.
Alternative clauses are linked to their parent clause. If the global clause is updated, then the clause alternatives are flagged for review.
The number and types of alternatives are defined by your organisation.
Alternative clauses can be maintained by groups of users with the experience in that field.

Specification Features

The specification interface has the following useful features:

The navigation tree hides/shows selected clauses and scrolls to the selected clause
The specification clauses can be provided with guidance notes (shown in blue) which direct the writer on how to apply the clause
Clauses can be altered by the User. Modified clauses are immediately highlighted for the attention of any reviewer
Users can submit modified clauses to the organisations Technical Committees for consideration in future clause revisions
Specifications are no longer owned by a discipline. For example, mechanical specifications that contain electrical clauses will reference actual electrical clauses maintained by the Electrical Technical Committee.

Clause Tree Features

The clause tree allows users to view and select specification clauses.
Useful features include:

Scroll navigation to the selected clause
Auto-suggest of complimentary clauses
Auto-select of required parent clauses
Auto-select of required compulsory clauses
Propose updates to Technical Committees
Highlighting of custom or modified content